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Bioimaging & Bioanalysis
Romana Schirhagl research group
Department of Biomedical Engineering


Diamond Magnetometry is a new technique which allows nanoscale MRI. The aim of our team is to apply this technique to biomedical applications. We are interested in all aspects of this technique from fundamental method development all the way to answering biological questions or even applications in the clinic.

Open positions

Interested in joining us?


PhD position in Quantum Sensing of Yeast in Bioreactor Cultures:

Currently there is an opening in the group. We are looking for a PhD candidate with an interest in yeast bioreactors. You can find more infos on the position here:


PhDs and postdocs:

Natural scientists with all kinds of background and an interest in interdisciplinary research are welcome to apply. There are currently no positions but it might be possible to create positions for highly motivated and talented candidates. Candidates with prospects to bring their own funding are always welcome to apply and receive support for their application. Please contact me at

Master and bachelor students:

Students are important and valued members of the group. There are (almost) always opportunities. We are defining the projects together based on your interest and skills. 

Please contact me at

Self Funded candidates:

We are also always happy to support promising candidates who are interested

in applying for their own funds. Opportunities for people from different countries can be found here:

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